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Swarkestone Sailing club

Swarkestone Sailing Club welcomes all new members. To apply for membership; please download and complete a

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  • Ordinary (Aged 18 years and Over) £148
  • Family (Member/Spouse/Children under 18 years old) £177
  • Associate (Non boat owner, crew only) £83
  • Sailability (individual membership) £83
  • Cadet/Junior (up to 18 years old, parents are not members) £31
  • Student (Over 18 years old, in full time education) £31
  • Senior (Aged 65 or over) £134
  • Social (Non sailing member) £47
  • Temporary member (per month, max 2 months) £51 (per month)
  • Group Membership TBA on application
  • Boat park fee (per boat) £56
  • Road Trailer storage £13

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