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Swarkestone Sailing club

Swarkestone Sailing Club welcomes all new members.  If you would like to visit the club before committing to joining it, feel free to visit us.  The best days are Wednesdays and Sundays when members will be there to show you around.  Please note that our external gate to the club may appear to be locked but can be opened inwards and should be shut again after entering.

To apply for membership; please either complete the on-line membership application form by selecting the link below.  By completing and submitting  the Membership Application form on-line, the form will be emailed to the Membership Secretary.

Click to Open the On-Line Membership Application Form

Alternatively click the link below to download a hard copy of the membership application form and once completed, send it to the Membership Secretary as shown at the bottom of the form.

Click to Download Membership Application Form

If you have a health condition that may impact your medical care, please complete a confidential medical form

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  • Ordinary (Aged 18 years and Over) £163
  • Family (Member/Spouse/Children under 18 years old) £195
  • Associate (Non boat owner, crew only) £91
  • Sailability (individual membership) £91
  • Cadet/Junior (up to 18 years old, parents are not members) £34
  • Student (Over 18 years old, in full time education) £34
  • Senior (Aged 65 or over) £147
  • Paddleboard (Single membership) £110
  • Paddleboard (Family membership) £195
  • Social (Non sailing member) £52
  • Temporary member (per month, max 2 months) £56 (per month)
  • Group Membership TBA on application
  • Boat park fee (per boat) £56
  • Road Trailer storage £13

Membership queries email: