SSC Covid 19 Guidance from 17th May 2021

The important rules that apply are:-
Clubhouse – now open, with rule of 6 individuals (or 2 households) seated/socially distanced and separated from other groups. (Note the bar and galley remain closed – please provide appropriate ventilation when clubhouse in use) We encourage members to meet outside whenever possible.

Outside – Groups of up to 30 permitted. (Social distancing still applies and please be considerate of members who might not be comfortable in larger groups.)

Changing rooms– Men’s limit of 3 socially distanced – Women’s limit of 2 socially distanced with all windows open and for the minimum time possible. This is based on the latest RYA/Gov guidance of max 1 person/100ft2 in changing rooms. Where possible, change at home or in mobile homes etc.

Duties – The duty rota remains suspended until all Covid restrictions are lifted in June. Therefore, you do not need to undertake duties until then although we are grateful of anyone willing to help manage/run the informal races held on Weds/Sun.

Sign in – You must sign in via sheet in lobby or with QR code whenever you are at the club.

Sailing with another household in the same boat
• Ideally only members of the same household should sail together in one boat. However, members from different households may sail together provided they have read, understood and are able to comply with the guidance provided by the RYA in this link:
RYA Guidance

• For the avoidance of doubt it is not possible for 2 people sailing an Access/Hansa 303 to socially distance in any way or move apart, so only members of one household/bubble may sail together in Access/Hansa 303 club boats until RYA/Gov guidance eases further.

Sailing The club bye laws and rules apply in addition to the C19 distancing rules. Rescue boat cover will be by volunteers on the day and might not be immediately available and therefore buddy sailing and/or a shore lookout are required unless a rescue boat is manned.

Sailing is at your own risk so please be aware of conditions and don’t put others at risk by having to effect a rescue etc. – Please take a cautious approach to forecast sailing conditions for your ability.

Depending on conditions and/or availability of volunteers, safety boats may or may not be on the water. The electric tender is available at all times with engine connected and charged via solar panel. Keys for the other rescue boats and radios will remain in the lock up. (contact any committee member if access needed).
Anyone sailing without rescue boat cover must be able to swim and self rescue in most circumstances, including but not limited to, equipment failure, grounding, capsize and minor injury.

The race programme has been suspended, however members are free to organise informal races and arrange their own start/finish procedure and rescue boat cover if required. The sailing area is restricted to between buoys 1, 4, 8 & 9. If a rescue boat is available on the water the sailing area can be extended to the area bounded by buoys 2, 3, 4, 7 & 9 (but not behind Islands)

No rafting up or sailing very close to another boat on the same course.
Maintain social distance whilst launching and recovering by the use of all jetties and the beach area. Please be considerate of other users and wait if necessary.

Rescue Boats: – Ideally only one person to drive rescue boat unless crew available from the same household. In most circumstances one person in a rescue boat can provide assistance to boats without the need for crew. If it is felt appropriate to have a helm and crew from different households the new RYA Guidance in the sailing link above needs to be followed. Crew should sit on the opposite side of the boat as far forward as possible.

In emergency situations crew may be necessary (either somebody on shore or another sailor who leaves their dinghy to assist) In emergency situations – helms, crew (Guardians) and those rescuing understand and accept that social distancing is unlikely to be possible.

Surface cleaning It is not possible to ensure that all surfaces remain clean at all times, although members are encouraged to clean anything they come in contact with. Therefore, the assumption must be that all locks, gates, door handles, handrails, jetty boards, benches and tables etc. are potentially contaminated. We therefore encourage members wash hands frequently and/or to wear clean gloves.
Please clean tables and other surfaces inside the clubhouse after use.

This guidance will be amended as necessary.
C19 sub-committee: – Commodore, Rear Com, Acting Vice Com and Sailing Principal