SSC Covid 19 Guidance from 28th May 2022

As a responsible club, Swarkestone Sailing Club remains committed to the health and welfare of all its members.

The club continues to take its guidance from the UK Government web site, and the link is attached here (

There is no specific Covid-19 advice from Swarkestone Sailing Club, and therefore no longer a Covid-19 policy specific to the club.

It is recognised that as our activities are essentially based outside, the risk of transmission is low (with the exception of the changing rooms and clubhouse where the risk of any airborne transmission is obviously higher), however, again in line with UK Government guidelines, we ask all members with Covid-19 symptoms to “exercise personal responsibility” (equally this should be the case with any illness/symptoms).

Our most vulnerable members are probably those involved in the Sailability programme (but not necessarily limited to Sailability), usually held on a Wednesday, and we ask all involved to be especially vigilant.

As always the decision to sail is up to the individual and the same “exercising personal responsibility” can be used in this context, however the decision to hold/abandon a race or Sailability session remains the responsibility of the DCM/OOD or the person leading the Sailability session (normally Terry Radford/David Waters).

Swarkestone Committee